Ethical Outsourced Software Development and Technology Services from Namibia

Adaire is a Namibian technology startup, due to launch in 2022, delivering outsourced software development and technology services to international companies.

From Technical Architects to those at the beginning of their journey, to explore the potential for working on exciting software development projects for international companies or towards gaining technical skills and establishing your career in software development/testing, join the Adaire Talent Network. Or simply contact us to find out more!

“Join our Talent Network”

Experienced developers are invited to create a developer profile in our Talent Network ready to be vetted and possibly matched with companies who need talented engineers and testers to support their development needs.

Developers either beginning or early in their career are also invited to create a developer profile in our Talent Network for an assessment and possible entry into our intensive upskilling program. Upon completion of this upskilling program, you become eligible for matching.

“Grow your Skills”

Global Projects
We aim to staff developers in our network on software development and technology projects for international companies.

We aim to enable members of our Talent Network to be the best they can be – unhindered by external barriers or personal circumstance.

Ethics, Quality & Value
We value the quality of the work we do, customer satisfaction and inclusivity in all our engagements.

World-Class Tech
We will deliver world-class technology and service excellence in all we do.

What is Adaire?

 Adaire is a technology startup, co-founded by Impact Tank, Namibia’s first Social Impact Venture Builder, with dual goals: to develop and grow world-class technology skills in Namibia and offer these as software development and other technology services to international customers as a technology outsourcing provider; and pursue social impact goals such as employment. Adaire is planning a limited pilot from Q4 2021 and a full launch in 2022 – contingent upon closing supporting grant funding. To support this social venture as a funder, advisor or simply to learn more, Impact Tank would love to hear from you

The name “Adaire” is inspired by the Damara phrase, “Ada I Re”, meaning “Let’s Go”!

Adaire Technology | | 20 Feld Street, Windhoek, Namibia